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What maintenance should I do on my furnace?

What maintenance should I do on my furnace?

A furnace is a wonderful add-on feature in any house. They serve a very important purpose while being tucked away in a basement or storage room. Furnaces are one of the more traditional heat circulation systems which are still used by a vast majority today. Given their reliability and efficiency in heating a building, they are a go-to choice.

However, to ensure that your furnace keeps functioning perfectly and for a long time, it is vital to conduct regular furnace maintenance. It can be as detailed as you wish but it should cover at least all basic checks to ensure there are no problems like leaks, cracks, faulty systems, etc.

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Do furnaces need regular maintenance?

 Furnaces, like any other machine, require regular maintenance to function at optimal conditions. Incapability to conduct regular maintenance can not only impact the performance of the furnace adversely but also cause safety hazards. Furthermore, proper and periodic maintenance of the furnace will also allow a longer life for the machine, which is vital given how expensive the system can be. Some of the main reasons why regular maintenance of furnaces is vital include the following:

  • Promoting Safety and Security: As any contractor offering furnace maintenance service near Smithfield, NC, would tell you, the first and foremost reason why you need to conduct regular maintenance of the furnace is safety. Through continuous use, and lack of maintenance, furnaces can develop cracks, gas leaks, as well as faults with other systems like the ignition. These faults can quickly transform into hazards to the safety of those using the furnace by resulting in carbon monoxide leaks or other forms of dangerous hazards.
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency: Maintenance of the furnace is also important for promoting energy efficiency. If the furnace is not maintained well, it will pull more power to generate similar results while working. This will lead to higher energy consumption and thereby higher costs. A furnace maintenance contractor can help you maintain the furnace to its best condition by checking its various components and ensuring there is no dirt accumulation blocking airflow or heat transfer.
  • Better Quality of Airflow: The furnace is responsible for circulating air through the building, and heating it in the process to promote a comfortable indoor environment. By cleaning the air filters, maintenance contractors help not only maintain the furnace but directly affect the air that is being circulated to you. To ensure that the air quality is top-notch, the maintenance worker needs to check any accumulation of dirt and debris in all the components of the furnace including the blower as well as ductwork and vents.
  • Longer Life: Regular maintenance of the furnace will help prolong the life of the device. By taking care of any issues at the earliest stages, and maintaining cleanliness, the need for big repairs or replacements is prevented. This in turn affects the overall health of the furnace and allows for a longer life. Lack of maintenance on the other hand can cause some serious damage or lead to the requirement for expensive replacements which may or may not be perfect.
  • Better Operation: By maintaining the furnace properly and conducting periodical checks, it is simple to ensure uniform and excellent performance of the furnace for a long time. The device’s operations can significantly vary on the basis of how well or poorly it is maintained. By taking care of minor issues immediately, and keeping the furnace clean and free from dirt and dust, you can ensure that it performs at its best capacity at all times.
  • Finding flaws Quickly: Like with any other machine, a furnace also incurs wear and tear damage, as well as other damages over time. Dirt and dust when collected into critical parts can easily cause malfunction. Similarly, as the furnace is used, the friction between various parts increases, as lubrication reduces, leading to breakage.

Furthermore, as time passes, there can be cracks and gas leaks as well, and over time different parts can suffer malfunction on account of prolonged use. Regular maintenance through an expert furnace maintenance service near Clayton, NC can help detect flaws quickly and allow you time to repair and replace parts before they are permanently damaged or affect other parts.

  • Continuing Warranty: A lot of furnace manufacturers highly recommend regular maintenance of the machines, and also often mention warranty conditions that align with the same. For example, they can express requirements from the consumer’s end to ensure periodical maintenance of the furnace to be able to claim a warranty. They can also mention specific maintenance contractors only whose maintenance documentation will be considered true and valid by the manufacturer for fulfilling any claims. Make sure you get all this information while purchasing the furnace.

What maintenance should I do on my furnace?

Furnace maintenance can be done in a variety of ways. Not every maintenance job has to be completely in-depth and thorough, including the removal of every single part. However, that needs to be done at least 2-3 times a year as well. If you are unsure of your ability to do the maintenance task yourself, it is advisable to hire a professional who will help ensure that the maintenance is done correctly. Improper maintenance can cause more harm than benefit.

  • Filter Dusting: Air filters are one of the most dust-collecting elements of a furnace. To maintain their health means to maintain good air quality within the building as well as the proper performance of the furnace. Filters that are dirty can cause a lot of damage to the entire machine, which makes it vital to check and clean the filters periodically and replace them as needed. You can easily find disposable filters or clean the reusable ones with water and a clean cloth.
  • Vent and Duct Cleaning: The ductwork and vents of the furnace allow air circulation. They run through the entire building to ensure equal distribution of heated air. They too can collect a lot of dirt and dust over time which can cause obstruction of airflow as well as taint the quality of air. As such, it is vital to clean the vents and ducts regularly to prevent obstruction and encourage proper airflow. A furnace maintenance service near Holly Springs, NC can help you with this.
  • Batteries Replacement: Another simple maintenance task you can do on your own is checking the batteries of the thermostat and replacing them if needed. The thermostat is an important element of the furnace. It allows you to adjust the temperature as well as airflow, making it an irreplaceable part of the entire machine. To ensure it functions properly, it is important to check its functioning as well as the batteries in it. In case they are running out of power, it is time to replace them with new ones to ensure proper function.
  • Exhaust Pipe Cleaning: Cleaning the exhaust pipe is essential to ensure that the combustion gasses and the debris formed by them completely and safely leave your building. The pipe can get cracked which makes it vital to take note of any signs of damage and replace it if needed. When cleaning the exhaust pipe, it is also important to ensure that you reattach it properly. It is advisable to seek expert or professional intervention for this task rather than DIY-ing.
  • Flame Sensor Checks: The flame sensor is yet another crucial component of a furnace. Given its job, the detection of flames, it is clear how crucial a role this element plays. As such, maintaining its health is of utmost priority. As the furnace is put to use, this component can gradually collect a lot of carbon, which can lead it to malfunction. It is vital to clean this with a cloth or sandpaper depending upon how dirty it is to get rid of any dirt.
  • Keeping Furnace Surroundings Clean: Keeping the area around the furnace clean is vital to ensure no unwanted clutter enters the system and causes trouble. A clean environment also reduces dust accumulation and helps prolong life. If any flammable item enters the furnace mistakenly, it can cause a fire. Furthermore, any contaminants which enter the furnace will gradually cause blockage and necessitate repeated repairs and replacements. The best way to prevent such occurrences is to keep the area around the furnace clutter-free.

Furnace maintenance checklist

Furnace maintenance, as you may have already understood, is a rather complex task with so many elements to take care of. It is vital to ensure that no component goes unchecked in order to ensure optimum health and function of the machine. To help you remember all the different aspects of a maintenance job, a checklist can be quite a handy tool. When making a checklist, you need to ensure that you include the following checks:

  • Air Filter Replacement: Air filter checking and replacement is one of the most common tasks and one which you may have to do more often than in-depth maintenance checks. As such, this task should take top priority on your checklist.


  • Thermostat Checks: The thermostat is perhaps one of the only parts of the furnace which you personally will be operating or controlling. As such, it should be easy to spot any malfunctions or faults. However, during your maintenance checks, make sure you check every function of the thermostat, as well as its batteries.
  • Vents Cleaning: The vents and ductwork come next on the list as they need to be inspected thoroughly as well. You can check them yourself or hire professionals to prevent any potential mistakes in conducting the maintenance task. These need to be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of dirt buildup periodically.


  • Exhaust Pipe Checking: The next part to be checked is the exhaust pipe. This is the part that ends up collecting large amounts of dirt, debris, and carbon deposits when the air exits your building. Over-accumulation can cause cracks and leaks which can cause significant damage to the furnace.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: You will want to check these next to ensure that the detectors are working properly. Malfunctions of these detectors can lead to the leakage of carbon monoxide, a fatal and non-odor gas. To avoid accidents, periodic checks are essential.
  • Flame Sensor: Just like the carbon monoxide detector, the furnace also has a flame sensor, which must be periodically checked. To avoid damage caused by a fire, it is vital to ensure this works well. In case it is not working properly, replace it immediately.
  • Lubrication: There are a lot of moving parts in a furnace which makes it essential again to pay attention to lubricating all the moving parts of the machine. This should not be missed at all when creating a checklist. To minimize friction and make sure the furnace is working properly, lubrication is vital. Take help from a furnace maintenance service near Holly Springs, NC for best results.
  • Safety Measures Checks: There are multiple safety measures and controls built into the furnace. Checking that every single one of them is functioning properly is a necessity to include in your maintenance checklist. Taking professional help is advisable again to ensure reliable tests.
  • Check all Connections: The furnace being a complex machine has multiple electrical connections. Checking the strength of all of them must be a part of the maintenance checklist. If there seems to be any damage like spoilt wires, or loose connections, have professionals take care of it immediately.


  • Cleaning the Air Intake Connection: The combustion air intake connection can get clogged by dirt and debris every now and then which necessitates checking it and getting it cleaned. There ought to be a clear path for the air to reach the combustion chamber to avoid any flammable materials from getting in. Have a professional look at it.

This simple checklist will ensure that nothing is missed and will also help you keep track of all the maintenance tasks.

What maintenance should I do on my furnace?

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What maintenance should I do on my furnace?
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