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How to Prepare AC for Summer?

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With summer around the corner, the first thing that every family thinks of is a vacation. Sure, you need a vacation trip to the beaches, mountains, and areas with pleasant climates, but don’t you think getting your air conditioner fixed is more important? Whether you are a work-from-home person or you execute household chores, staying at home in scorching weather can get really hectic.

You can’t stay outside forever. So, the moment you walk into your home, you should feel comfort, coziness, and cool. That’s why people prepare AC for summer beforehand. Not only because it helps you get ready for the scorching weather, but getting an air conditioning unit or repairing the existing one in an off-season can save you money. You can find AC at comparatively lower prices in winter.

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Why Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need to be Prepared for Summer?

Every air conditioning unit, no matter how small or big your house is, requires annual maintenance to stay in good condition. Usually, people wait for spring to get their ACs checked and repaired before summer arrives. The condenser of an AC is located outside and is usually responsible for most AC-related issues.

Since your AC sits idle for so long, it’s obvious that the condenser will collect dirt and debris. If your AC is working fine, but you notice an unexpected electricity bill, it’s probably because the system is working hard to cool your house. It makes sense to get the filters checked and replaced if needed. Cleaning the condenser and performing a few minor checks just to ensure that everything is in good shape is a good place to start your air conditioning repair.

Now that you know the reasons your air conditioning system requires cleaning and proper treatment before summer, it’s time to discuss the tips for cleaning your AC safely and efficiently. Before we go ahead, note that preparing your AC for summer is not a DIY job. You don’t want to damage its components and end up paying more than you should. Fortunately, you can find an AC company near Holly Springs, NC, and get your AC fixed by a professional.

Replace Your AC Filter

Air filters in an AC play an integral part in keeping your AC in good shape. It filters the air and ensures that your indoor air is free from contaminants and dust. It goes without saying that these filters are highly likely to accumulate dirt to a point that the entire filter might get clogged with debris and might require replacement. In fact, the air filters of most air conditioning units are likely to get clogged every 2-3 months.

Ideally, you should get them checked and replaced every six months to keep them in good condition and improve your AC’s efficiency. You can also check the filter by holding it close to a light to check if there’s any dirt or dust. If you can see through the filter, it means the filter is working fine and can last more. If you can’t see anything because of the clogged dirt, it’s a sign your AC’s air filters have stopped working and need replacement. HEPA filters, pleated, and washable air filters are a few best options on the market. You can talk to AC companies near Clayton, NC to discuss your goals with them and choose a filter that best suits your needs.

Take a Look at the AC Unit Inside

You can leave the condenser cleaning to professionals, as that requires experienced technicians. Even the unit installed inside the room requires a technician’s assistance, but if you know the basics of an air conditioner, you can attempt its cleaning. Before you start working on the unit, make sure the circuit breaker is off. Take the panel out of the system and then start with the evaporator coils. Just like the filter, evaporator coils are also likely to accumulate debris.

Your best bet is the foaming cleanser, which is specifically designed for these coils. As soon as you clean the debris, it will go down the drain pipe. Once you are done with the evaporator coil, move to the drain pan and the drain pipes. These are also crucial components of an air conditioning unit that requires occasional cleaning. Note that the drain pipe can get clogged with solid and wet debris.

Get It Serviced Occasionally

As mentioned above, evaporator coils and nearly all components of your air conditioning units are exposed to dirt and dust. Cleaning these parts regularly ensures that your AC stays in tip-top condition and works well. Then again, cleaning the filter or replacing it won’t keep your AC in optimal condition.

For the best results, you should consider getting it serviced once in a while or as frequently as the manufacturer recommends. Unfortunately, certain parts of your AC, such as evaporator coils, are not easy to clean. They require a technician’s help, as cleaning the coils without damaging the fins can get pretty challenging. You can consider water pressure washers for proper cleaning.

Note: If you don’t check and clean the evaporator coils regularly, there is a chance the dirt accumulated in them can cause permanent damage, like corrosion. This may eventually require coil replacement.

Is There Any Leakage?

Any kind of leakage in an air conditioning unit can affect its performance significantly. The leakages make it difficult to cool a room. There’s also a possibility the unit will consume more electricity to cool a room than usual, costing you extra energy bills.

Besides that, it won’t be able to deliver sufficient cooling. There’s also a good chance your air conditioner will eventually stop functioning altogether. Checking for leakage is also something you can’t DIY. It’s best to leave it to a professional specializing in AC repair jobs.

Clean the Drain Pipe

Earlier we mentioned how a clogged drain pipe can significantly affect your AC’s performance. Drain pipes are supposed to take the moisture from the indoor AC system out of the room. If you notice an unusual odor or standing water, that’s probably because of a clogged drain pipe.

Even if you don’t notice the above signs, it’s advisable to check the drain pipe and unclog it every six months or at least annually to keep your AC running efficiently. When preparing your AC for summer, you should call an electrician to check the drain pipes and unclog them if needed. It isn’t a tough job. All that’s needed is hot water with a cleaning detergent and a stiff brush, and you are good to go.

Check the Fins

Fins play a very important part in keeping your room temperature cool and ensuring a proper flow of air in and out of the air conditioning unit. These fins are tiny pieces that are highly likely to bend at some point. If that happens, the airflow through the AC will be affected and your air conditioning unit won’t deliver optimal performance.

To avoid that, use a fin comb to straighten the fins. This comb can be found at most hardware stores, but you are going to have to remove the panel to get to the fin and count its number. The comb you need depends on the type of fin, its number, and other factors. Remember, fins and coils can easily get damaged when you are cleaning the inside and outside of the coil. If you are not sure about removing the dirt from evaporator coils, it’s best to leave the job to an AC company.

Clean the Condenser

You can DIY this step if you have experience cleaning and replacing AC components. But, for the best results, we’d advise you to let an AC specialist clean the condenser. Once you are done with the coils, fin, and external parts of the AC, it’s time to disassemble the condenser and give it a good clean.

First things first, remove the dirt and debris from the condenser and wash the drain pipe. You can clean the fan blades with a vacuum. If you notice any bolts getting loose, tighten them straight away so that you won’t have to remove the condenser again.

Also, check if there are ports for oiling the motor. If you see any, use WD-40 to oil the ports and keep your motor lubricated. Clean water inside the air conditioning unit. There you go! Reassemble the condenser and attach it back to your air conditioner.

If there are any weeds growing around the condenser unit, cut them immediately as they might obstruct the airflow in and out of your room.

Check and Clean the Outdoor System

Once you have checked and re-installed the AC panel, it is time to scan the area for any loose debris. We are talking about wet and solid debris that could obstruct the airflow. Even if it’s just small leaves fallen from a huge branch, they should be removed. You should check the area outside your air conditioner regularly to check and remove dirt and debris from the surrounding areas.

If the airflow is obstructed, your air conditioning unit won’t perform well and it will eventually break down. If you see any branches or bushes growing thick or large around the AC unit, trim them immediately. Ideally, you should install the air conditioner at a place where there is a 3-foot diameter of open space to allow smooth airflow.

Program Your Thermostat

Although it’s not part of your AC cleaning, resetting your thermostat to normal levels ensures that your air conditioning system runs efficiently. For instance, you can set it to 78 degrees or lower when you are at home and 85 or higher when you are outside and want the room’s temperature to be normal. Programming your thermostat is fairly easy. There’s a touchscreen with all instructions and buttons for adjusting the temperature and configuring settings that best suit your requirements.

Test Your Air Conditioner

Once you have followed the above steps to clean your air conditioner, you will want to test it. To check if everything is working and if the replaced or repaired parts are in optimal condition, you need to reassemble the AC and turn the power on. You know your AC is in a good condition if it’s working well.

It should keep your room cool and generate reasonable electricity bills, like usual. If you notice a spike in the electricity bills or a unit that turns on and off frequently, these are the signs you need professional help.

Hire a Professional AC Repair Company

You might know what’s causing a problem in your AC, but only an air conditioner repair company has the required tools and experience in fixing a broken AC. They know which part is causing the issue and what exactly needs to be replaced. Their jobs usually don’t end with changing the damaged part or cleaning the condenser.

A professional will also conduct a deep inspection to check all components of your AC. Make sure you choose an AC repair company after carefully evaluating the services offered by each and their profiles. You don’t want to end up with someone who takes weeks to fix a unit that requires only a couple of hours.

Here’s what you should ask the AC repair service provider before hiring them.

  • How many similar jobs have you completed?
  • Do you have any experience inspecting an air conditioner?
  • Which parts do you think need replacement, repair, and maintenance?
  • When is a good time to switch to a different air conditioner?
  • How long do you think the replaced parts will last?
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It’s normal to have an AC that may not work after winter. Even if you had purchased it a year ago and used it only in summer, chances are it might not be able to function normally after summer. It’s important to have it checked by a professional and get the broken parts replaced as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the summer. You should get your AC repaired and serviced in Spring so that you can enjoy cool summer without exceeding the electricity bills.

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